A complete remote management system of access to your premises

Booking Lock - direct connection to Wifi


Your guests do not have to wait for a key.  They will get a code by an e-mail or a text message to open a door.


A code is unique and valid for the whole stay of your guest.  It can not be faked in contrast to the traditional lock.


You have control over the entrances to your room.  You will avoid unfair service that can rent the room without your knowledge.


Save your time and money. You do not have to meet every tenant and hire a person to collect and deliver keys.

Take care about comfort of your guests.

    You can manage all your locks, e.g. business and private ones from one account in the admin panel.


    You can give access to collect keys to any number of users, including a rental management company.


    aesthetic appearance without cables

Booking Lock - the code lock ensures a good night's sleep

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You don’t have a reception and your guests arrive at different times.

The electronic lock gives you flexibility and freedom as to the time of check-in or check-out.

See how renting a property with Booking Lock system becomes simple, safe and economical.

Enjoy a convenient solution!

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