Forget about keys

The code door lock with the integrated application will help you to manage online your premises from any location.

Features of Booking Lock web application:

  • generation of permanent and one-time codes,
  • setting codes with an expiration date,
  • sending codes to e-mail, sms,
  • creating message templates in many languages,
  • programming open/close time range,
  • registration of entrances to the premises,
  • sending notifications about low battery status and irregularities in operation,
  • managing multiple locks from one place,
  • providing data to any number of administrators.

The use of code door locks

Booking Lock code door locks can be used in remote management of any places at a distance. It is a convenient tool for people who rent apartments or flats and rooms that require remote administration. The lock is mounted in the place of a traditional handle and it is battery-operated. It connects to the application directly via Wi-Fi, so you do not need to install additional devices or cables, which makes it look aesthetically.

Booking Lock offers a simple solution that combines the needs of both guests and property owners. For the first it is the possibility of accommodation and departure at any time, without direct contact with the person managing the premises. However, the owners will have access to a personalized control panel that will check all entrances to the facility. It is comfort and convenience for both sides.

The Booking Lock system eliminates the dangers resulting from the transfer of a traditional key and it saves time. A remotely managed lock also allows to reduce or completely eliminate the costs of the so-called reception service, i.e. you will not need to hire a person to issue and receive keys. The code for the lock is generated via the Booking Lock web application and then sent to the guest via SMS or his/her e-mail.

In the Booking Lock web application, you can generate codes and assign them to guests for limited time. It is also possible to generate permanent codes eg. for your family and friends as well as one-time codes for a cleaning service or an administration employee. The lock also has the option of programming opening and closing hours.

Each entrance is monitored, so you can avoid sharing the room without the knowledge of the facility owner. The codes are assigned individually, so it is known when and at what time a cleaning service or a person responsible for the technical defects entered the room.

Booking Lock allows you to give access to your premises in a convenient and safe way.