Booking Lock Service

Booking Lock features

The code lock with its functions will allow to manage efficiently your premises at a distance. The web application integrated with the lock will provide control over the real estate from anywhere in the world.

Features of the web application

  • Generation of permanent and one-time codes with expiration date

    The system of electronic locks allows to generate any number of codes. You can generate permanent codes for the family or friends who you want to share with. One-time codes can be assigned to a cleaning service or administration staff. Each of them will be valid in the set period of time, as well as on specific days of the week.

  • Sending codes via e-mail, sms

    The guest receives PIN code via SMS or e-mail, which is valid from the day of arrival until departure. When you arrive at the place, you can simply enter the code on the keyboard mounted on the handle to gain access to the room. The code expires on the day specified by the end of the reservation (then the code stops working).

  • Creating message templates in many languages

    Templates are used to send automated messages. E-mail or SMS content will be generated in different languages, according to the preferences of guests who will make reservations or other people using the premises.

  • Recording of entrances to the premises

    The history of entrances provides control over the property at a distance. This function allows to monitor the entrances to your premises. You can check who and what time entered the room, whether guests have already arrived and whether the cleaning lady has already cleaned the room. Thanks to the full report, you will also avoid dishonest service that can rent rooms without your knowledge.

  • Programming close/open time range

    Thanks to this function, it is possible to program the opening or closing times of the lock, eg to the main entrance. In this situation, the main entrance can be opened during daylight hours and closed automatically at night, when you can enter only if you have a PIN code.


    You can manage all locks, generate and delete codes from anywhere in the world.


    In the system, you can also give access to the lock to any number of users, for example to an employee and a rental company. You will follow the history of users’ activities.