Smart electronic locks vs traditional locks

Being the owner of rooms or apartments for rent, probably you have troubles delivering the keys. In particular, it’s cumbersome when your properties are located in different places and guests can arrive at any time.

In case you have a traditional lock, you leave the keys under the doormat or get up in the middle of the night to deliver them. You don’t have to meet guests personally with electronic locks. When you take a reservation, you will generate online a code in the Booking Lock application. The code will be sent by SMS or by e-mail. Then guests will start their stay at any time, and you will sleep well.

Booking Lock - the code lock ensures a good night's sleep

If you have an electronic lock in your apartment, you don’t have to worry about losing your key or forge it. In this way, you will save money that you would spend on changing the lock or getting another set of keys.

The code lock also allows you to forget about the problem associated with carrying a keychain and looking for the right one for a given place. Instead of a traditional handle, you can install a lock with the Booking Lock system, which will help you to open the door quickly, and you will no longer have to carry heavy keys that don’t fit into your pocket.

In addition, such a lock gives the possibility of managing your premises remotely and virtually. Thanks to the Booking Lock system, you will be able to monitor the entrances to the facility. You will check it anywhere and anytime you want.

The main benefit of using an electronic lock is to reduce traditional reception services that will save your budget. When using electronic locks, you don’t need to collect and deliver keys either personally or with the help of third parties. This will eliminate the cumbersome procedure of check-in and check-out of guests.

Below you will find a detailed comparison of both locks:

Traditional lock Booking Lock system
You must reach guests to deliver keys or hire someone to service You send a code via text message or e-mail
Necessity to hire a receptionist Lack of a reception
Guests must wait for the owner or receptionist Guest don’t wait for keys
You can lose keys or make new ones Codes can’t be forged
Lack of control over the staff;
the room can be rented without your knowledge
Recording of entrances
You must have several sets of door keys Management of many locks from one place
Sometimes you have to get up at night to deliver keys Guests can enter the room at any time

Resign from traditional keys and completely automate the access to your premises!