Reduce your expenses

If you’re renting a property, you’ve probably wondered about the way you can lower the costs of guests’ service. An excellent solution is the lock with online codes. Access to the premises, reception staff or employment of third parties are just selected factors that you can eliminate thanks to the Booking Lock system.

It happens that guests arrive at different times because it’s sometimes difficult to plan the exact time of arrival. In such situations, the delivering of keys is often cumbersome. Waiting for guests is as tiring as the discomfort of guests who are aware of being late. In some cases other people are responsible for the service of the guests, eg employed at the reception or employees of an external company. As you know, employee retention can be expensive, and at the same time we can not be sure that he fulfills his obligations reliably. Having the Booking Lock electronic lock, management of access to the premises will become much easier and cheaper.

If you have a code lock, you won’t have to arrange a personal appointment with anyone, or hire someone to deliver keys. Through the Booking Lock application, you will assign keys in the form of a code to the lock, which you will send by a text message. Upon arrival, your guests will only have to enter it on the keyboard mounted on the door handle to gain access to the premises. Thanks to this solution, you will save a lot of time on commuting and you won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to deliver your keys.

All codes generated in the application are issued for a specified period and changed for next guests. So you can be sure that nobody will fake a key or use a known code to enter the premises at different time. In this way you will save money that you would spend on changing the lock.