Application of the code lock

Nowadays, modern technologies are more and more often present in our everyday life. One of such solutions are electronic locks, which have become an alternative to traditional locks. At present, you no longer need keys to open the door, but only a lock with security PIN. Electronic locks are widely used in the control systems of hotel facilities, offices, apartments for rent, or private premises. These types of closure devices are comfortable and safe, that is why they are suitable for small and large rooms.

Comprehensive property management

When considering hotels or other short-term rental properties, code locks help you to reduce or eliminate the costs of the reception service. In this way, you will reduce related expenses with the employment of the person to issue the keys which, as you know, can be expensive. The system, such as Booking Lock, allows to manage your premises remotely, regardless of their location. You assign keys in the form of codes which are sent to the guest by a text message. Guests can start their stay at any time, and you save time that you would have to spend to deliver the keys. Thanks to the virtual management, the owner can monitor the entries not only of guests, but also co-workers or subcontractors, such as a cleaning lady or a plumber.

Control and monitor access to rooms in your company

Locks with security PIN can be successfully used also in offices. They protect us not to enter the room by unauthorized people. Depending on your needs, you can easily specify who and when has access to a selected room or a conference room. The codes have a specified expiration date. After a set time, the person who was assigned the code will not be able to enter the room. Online codes can be made available to any number of people, so the problem of insufficient number of key sets disappears.

Manage your property remotely

You can also mount the electronic lock in a private house or a flat. When going to work or shopping, you don’t have to remember about the keys and wonder if you have closed the door. The lock automatically locks, but you must have a PIN code to enter the apartment . This is also a good solution for unannounced guests who are waiting outside the door. In such situation you will generate the code in our system and send it to them by SMS.

Code locks ensure safety in every case and eliminate the risk of forging keys by dishonest people. They work wherever you want to have control over access to the premises or the selected room.