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Application of the code lock

Nowadays, modern technologies are more and more often present in our everyday life. One of such solutions are electronic locks, which have become an alternative to traditional locks. At present, you no longer need keys to open the door, but only a lock with security PIN. Electronic locks are widely used in the control systems […]

Control system

Nowadays, traditional locks are replaced by electronic ones. Despite their wide application, this innovative solution is mostly used in apartments for short-term rental. They are more effective if there is no reception desk or a person responsible for guest service. It sometimes happens that the guest who has made the reservation didn’t show up on […]

Smart electronic locks vs traditional locks

Being the owner of rooms or apartments for rent, probably you have troubles delivering the keys. In particular, it’s cumbersome when your properties are located in different places and guests can arrive at any time. In case you have a traditional lock, you leave the keys under the doormat or get up in the middle […]

Forget about keys

The code door lock with the integrated application will help you to manage online your premises from any location. Features of Booking Lock web application: generation of permanent and one-time codes, setting codes with an expiration date, sending codes to e-mail, sms, creating message templates in many languages, programming open/close time range, registration of entrances […]