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Control system

Nowadays, traditional locks are replaced by electronic ones. Despite their wide application, this innovative solution is mostly used in apartments for short-term rental. They are more effective if there is no reception desk or a person responsible for guest service.

It sometimes happens that the guest who has made the reservation didn’t show up on time, and you had to wonder how to deliver the keys. Electronic locks, such as Booking Lock, allow to manage the rented places remotely from any place. They also help to control over the supported property. In this way you will be able to check the honesty of the person you entrust to take care of your premises.

Using our web application you assign keys in the form of codes that are issued for a specified period and changed for the next visitors. You can be sure that nobody will forge your key or use a known PIN to enter the premises at another time.

Booking Lock system allows you to monitor all entrances to the facility. You will have a control over people who visit the place. The codes are assigned individually so you know when a guest, an administration employee, or you enter the room. The flexibility of electronic locks causes that you can reprogram them easily and quickly – you will cancel or delete the previously generated door access code.

Booking Lock offers a safe solution because the lock has a blockade preventing access to the interior of an unauthorized person. The lock is blocked for a few minutes after entering the wrong code three times at the time set by the owner.

To sum up, the Booking Lock system will help you to take care of the guests as well as the rented premises.