Who is involved in the lock installation?

You can install the lock yourself by using the instruction or order the installation service we offer.

How is the lock powered?

The lock is powered by four AA 1.5V alkaline batteries or R6 rechargeable batteries.

How long will the batteries last?

A recumbent lock is able to work up to 20 years. In practice, the working time depends on the frequency of synchronization and the number of door openings. In most cases, the battery lasts for about a year.

How to extend battery life?

The lock absorbes the most power during data synchronization via Wi-Fi. To save energy, set the synchronization frequency and adjust it to the lock operating mode. We recommend setting up data synchronization no more than every one hour.

Do we lose the guarantee from the door manufacturer after installing the lock?

After installing our lock, you don’t lose the warranty from the manufacturer of the door in which the lock is mounted. The installation doesn’t significantly affect the construction of the wing.

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